In addition to my formal training as an academic, I have always had an interest in web development and programming more generally. On the front end, I'm proficient in HTML, CSS (I typically use SCSS), and JavaScript. I'm a huge fan of clean, simple design, as I hope is evidenced by this website. To that end, I tend to use Bootstrap to save myself time, though I'm perfectly familiar with how to build mobile-friendly websites without it. As for the back end, I am adept at PHP and know how to work with SQL databases. I'm aware of the increasing popularity of NodeJS, which I have tinkered with—I intend to become more familiar with it as time allows.

More recently, I have developed an interest in technical writing, which I think nicely ties together what I like about writing and programming. I am currently working on a number of personal technical writing projects for the sake of including them in my portfolio. My hope is to take on paid projects in the near future to generate some supplementary income.

Over the years, I have completed enough projects to warrant putting together a portfolio of my work. You'll find a selection of my completed projects—and some works in progress—in the sections below.

Web Development

This section contains a selection of the websites that I've made. They're in order of creation, with the most recent site at the top of the list. I believe, unsurprisingly, that the closer a site is to the top of this list, the better it is.

My Personal Website
The website you're currently on is one of my projects. Technically, this website is still a work in progress, but that's because this is my forever website, which means that I will always be modifying it as I grow as a philosopher and web developer.

Dr. Kelley Annesley's Academic Website | [Link]
I made this website for Dr. Kelley Annesley, who is a professional philosopher. On it are showcased her courses, publications, research interests, and the like.

Wedding Website | [Link]
As a gift to my wife, I made our wedding website. Since my family is Hispanic, I added a translation feature to every page so that all of the content could be displayed in the user's desired language.

Documentation Sample | [Link]
I created this sample documentation page as one of the projects required to attain my Responsive Web Design certification from freeCodeCamp. I quite like how it came out.

Graduate Epistemology Conference Website | [Link]
The philosophy department at the University of Rochester, where I received my PhD, hosts a biennial conference which I once helped organize. Part of my job was to create a website to inform participants and guests as to the goings-on. Bear in mind that the information on that site (e.g., my email address) is outdated.

JavaScript Trinkets

Here you'll find a selection of JavaScript trinkets that I've created. If you view any of these projects on CodePen, bear in mind that you may need to minimize the code to be able to view the full project.

Tip Calculator | [View]
This project is a simple tip calculator that allows you to input custom tip amounts if desired and split the total. It's intended to be used as a mobile web app.

Snake Game | [View]
Some time ago, I read a tutorial on how to make the game Snake in JavaScript. The tutorial was very basic (though very helpful). I made my own version from scratch, and I added a points system, a high score system, and obstacles. I also fixed a bug in the original where the player could make a 180 degree turn that caused the snake to unexpectedly collide with itself and end the game.

Palindrome Checker* | [View]
This script checks whether the given input is a palindrome. It checks inputs that consist of only letters and numbers (case insensitive).

Roman Numeral Converter* | [View]
This script converts Arabic numeral inputs into Roman numerals.

Caesar's Cipher* | [View]
This script will encipher or decipher text using the Caeser's Cipher ROT13 technique.

Telephone Number Validator* | [View]
This script checks whether a given telephone number is a valid US number.

Cash Register* | [View]
This script calculates the change one is owed after a transaction. The amount due, the amount provided, and the amount of each denomination in the cash register are provided as inputs. The output is the amount due in each denomination.

Others | [Link]
I have a number of other trinkets on my CodePen profile. Feel free to take a look!

*I created this trinket in order to attain my JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures certification, though I made the user interface for the sake of this portfolio.

Works in Progress

UNO Philosophy Department Site | [Link]
One of my side projects has been updating my department's website. This is a work in progress, so there are still pages on the site that I have yet to work on. If a page consists of globs of text and references to upcoming events in years gone by, it's a page I've yet to lay my hands on. Working on this site has given me experience using the Cascade CMS.

Academic Site Template
I'm currently working on creating a flexible template to make academic websites as a freelance venture. The most important part of this project is an interface that allows my future clients to modify the content of their websites without having to touch the code. They'll have access to a password protected control panel where they can upload their publications, update the content of their pages, add their social media accounts, and the rest.

I'm creating a blog to add to my personal site (so expect to see a new link on the navigation menu!). I'm debating whether I'd like to add a commenting feature, though I'll at least add a like button.


This is a list of the certifications I've received.

  • Responsive Web Design [Link]
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures [Link]
  • Introduction to DITA [Link]
  • The DITA Concept Topic Type [Link]
  • The DITA Task Topic Type [Link]
  • The DITA Reference and Glossary Topic Types [Link]
  • Using DITA Maps and Bookmaps [Link]
  • Introduction to Reuse in DITA [Link]
  • Advanced Reuse in DITA [Link]
  • Publishing Output from DITA Sources [Link]
  • The Learning and Training Specialization [Link]